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Wellness Resources for Nurses Month

Wellness Resources for Nurse Month

Healthcare professionals are often present throughout the entire patient journey, and nursing has always been a well-respected and trusted profession. It is one of the most vital careers to humanity.

However, it is a demanding job that can lead to high stress and burnout and, unfortunately, affect our mental health. It’s time to pull back the curtain on the day-to-day experience and explore the toll that being on the front lines of healthcare can have on the mental health of those so valuable to patient care.

We’ve come a long way in talking about mental health. But there is still work to be done.

As healthcare professionals, we need to speak openly about mental health. We need to talk about coping strategies, treatment and therapy.

2023 Annual Nurses Survey

Cross Country recently conducted its annual survey to assess the state of the profession today. Nearly half of all nurses surveyed reported having feelings of anxiety, with 32 percent reporting feelings of depression and 37 percent experiencing insomnia. In addition, 82 percent of nurses surveyed reported that they don’t currently receive any mental health counseling or support.


Check your Vitals

We partnered with Florida Atlantic University to launch the Check My Vitals Campaign, encouraging nurses to prioritize, assess and acknowledge their own health—both physically and mentally.

At Cross Country, we are encouraging our healthcare professionals to take time for themselves. The patient experience is only as good as the caregiver experience. So, let’s make sure our caregivers receive the care they deserve.

When was your last well visit?

When was the last time you had a routine visit with your physician? Schedule one to check in on your physical health. Use this time to share any struggles with any physical pain you may be experiencing, or seek guidance on addressing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

How often do you exercise?

Healthcare practitioners are on their feet all day – but this is not the same as getting exercise for your own personal well-being. Take a walk or go for a jog on a beautiful day. Check out some yoga classes near you, or do a drop-in class at a gym or fitness center near you. Get your blood pumping—for you.

How’s your social well-being?

Feeling stressed out on the job? Schedule time to talk to your manager. Flag any issues or concerns you may have and encourage an open dialogue. Ask a friend you haven’t seen in a while if they want to get together. Support groups are also a good place to hear similar stories and find companionship.

How’s your diet?

Eating well correlates with feeling well. Make sure you are eating the right food at the right time. For healthcare professionals that are constantly on the move, consider protein shakes or smoothies to keep your energy up while also nourishing your body.

How do you stay positive?

For those dealing with mental health struggles, even getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult. Try to start and end your day with positive energy. Whether that be positive affirmations, meditation, deep breathing, stretches or music –put out in the universe what you hope to receive.

Have you checked your pulse?

There are many apps that can track your wellness, including your blood pressure, heart rate, exercise patterns and more. Downloading these apps can help you get a sense of your overall physical well-being.

How is your emotional well-being?

When we are put in a stressful situation, we start to feel our heartbeat accelerate. Feelings of anger, frustration or nervousness start to rise. Catch yourself in that moment and remember that you are in control of your emotions. Take a deep breath, and remain focused on your goal or objective.

Remember what brings you joy.

Whether it’s time with family, time alone, traveling, or giving back to the community, remember what makes you happy, and make an active effort to incorporate that into your life. 

Mental Health Resources

Cross Country Crisis Hotline

CALL 800-998-5058

A psychiatrist is available 24/7 to help callers in need of care or who are facing an emergency situation.

American Nurses Association’s Well- Being Initiative

This site features mental health resources, such as apps, hotlines and links to podcasts.

National Mental Health Hotline


We partner with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to help anyone at risk.