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Become A Travel Teacher

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Become A Travel Teacher

How Does the Travel Teacher Program Work?

If you’re ready for a new adventure, Travel Teaching was made for you!

  • Are you newly retired but looking for a way to stay connected to teaching at your own pace?
  • Have you considered leaving the profession and wondered whether a new setting could reinvigorate your passion and keep you in the field?
  • Do you just need a year off from your current job to try out a new school or community?
  • Have you got an adventurous spirit and a desire to pair teaching with travel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, become a Travel Teacher!

You’re in demand.

Students across the nation need teachers like you. Schools are struggling to fill shortages and must find dedicated teachers to help kids catch up on lost learning due to closures. But the best teachers aren’t always close by…
That’s why we created the Travel Teacher Program.

At Cross Country Education, we’ll help you find an ideal school assignment in a new, exciting and different location. As a Travel Teacher, you can teach during the day and have unlimited access to explore during the evenings and weekends! Hike the mountains, swim the oceans, explore nature – all without using vacation time! This is your opportunity to get paid for expanding your career in different locations throughout the U.S.

You can choose from assignments that span from eight weeks to the entire school year. And when you work with Cross Country Education, you’ll get perks like stipends for technology, teaching materials, meals and housing. You’ll also receive reimbursement for licensing and credentialing as well as professional development, training and coaching.

Enjoy the Cross Country Education difference.

Cross Country Education is led by educators, and we’re one of the only agencies in the industry created by teachers for teachers. We know what it means and what it takes to make a difference in students’ lives. We are student-driven and passionate about education. And we offer you the flexibility, compensation and support you need to be the best teacher for your students.

Join us as a Travel Teacher! Learn more about the benefits of being a Travel Teacher, browse our Travel Teacher resources and connect with a member of our team to begin your adventure today.


What are the benefits of being a Travel Teacher with Cross Country Education?

As a Travel Teacher with Cross Country Education, you’ll enjoy:

  • Great pay and benefits. You’ll earn competitive compensation and get paid through weekly direct deposit. Plus, you’ll qualify for comprehensive benefits.
  • Additional perks. You’ll also be reimbursed for any licensing or credentialing fees and teaching materials. Additionally, you can qualify for tax-free meal and housing stipends, which will boost your total take-home compensation.
  • Nationwide opportunities. We’ve got travel teaching assignments in exciting locations across the country. As a Travel Teacher, you can explore new communities, try out different school settings and learn various pedagogical methods.
  • Professional development. You’ll have access to training, professional development, coaching and teacher resources to help you improve your skill set.
  • Coaching and support. We’ve got a dedicated team of educators who will be there to help you whenever you need it.
  • Permanent positions. We’re one of the few agencies that support permanent hiring and travel teacher assignments. This opens opportunities for permanent teaching positions.
  • Experience and expertise. You’ll be working with an award-winning, educator-led agency that knows what it means to make a difference in students’ lives. We are student-driven and passionate about education, and we demonstrate this by investing in the development of professionals in our field – just like you!