Cross Country Healthcare color photo of high-rise buildings along the coast of Miami, Florida.

Miami, Florida

What to do in Miami

Miami is one of our most popular locations for travel assignments, so odds are you’ve either taken one there already or are considering it now. When it comes to beautiful weather, gorgeous beaches, a lively culture and plenty to do and see, you can’t go wrong in the Magic City. During winter, Miami is one of the only cities in the country that stays consistently warm and sunny, making it the perfect place for travel professionals looking to escape the winter blues. But the fun doesn’t stop during the warmer months, and because peak tourist season ends in April, you’ll enjoy lighter traffic, shorter lines and more room to salsa on the dance floor at some of the city’s hottest nightclubs during summer. Here is our guide for travel professionals wondering what to eat, drink, do and Instagram while on a travel assignment in Miami.

Eat This

Drink This

Do This

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