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Education Resource Hub

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Education Resource Hub

At Cross Country Education, we’re passionate about guiding our educational professionals throughout their careers by providing access to resources, coaching and development. Because we’re educators through and through, we know the value of having access to research-based best practices, time-tested strategies, and innovative tips and tools for the classroom. In this educational resource hub, you’ll find information covering a wide variety of topics from our team of educational experts.

Upcoming Events

We’re pleased to offer a variety of learning opportunities through our monthly online webinars. Register for free to learn about de-escalation strategies, classroom management techniques, travel teaching and a variety of other educator-specific topics. Our upcoming in-person conferences and hiring fairs are also included on this page.


School Talent Network

Join our School Talent Network, and you’ll gain access to local and travel education positions in a variety of professions. In addition, you’ll periodically receive valuable resources and professional development opportunities to help you strengthen your career. Best of all, you can join our School Talent Network for free!


Special Education Provider Resources

Are you a Special Education Provider currently working with Cross Country? If so, within our Special Education Provider Resources, you’ll find information for adapted PE, behavior intervention, case management, counseling, deaf and hard of hearing, nursing, occupational therapy, psychology, speech and language pathology and much more! Plus, you can bookmark the event calendar to register for upcoming professional development sessions.



Check out our educator blog which provides tips and best practices for all areas of education including teachers, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, school psychologists and more. We also spotlight a few providers every month – so be sure to check back often for new content!


Building Your Career

If you’re a teaching assistant, teaching aide, special education aide or BII specialist, explore our infographic on potential career paths. Here, you’ll discover why educational professionals choose Cross Country and then click through to see the next steps you can take to advance your career.


Teacher Resources

Are you a Substitute Teacher, BII, Special Education Aide, Teacher’s Assistant or Early Childhood Educator currently working with Cross Country? If so, within our Teacher Resources section, you’ll find our professional development calendar, where you can register for training on teacher prep, classroom management, de-escalation strategies, etc. We’ve also uploaded day-to-day resources, our substitute teacher resource packet, online instruction guidelines, Zoom training, early childhood education teaching resources, available assignments and more.


Benefits of Working as a Per Diem or Special Education Educator with Cross Country

Learn more about health and wellness benefits, paid sick leave, the employee assistance program, professional development, training, events, coaching, office hours and more. Also, check out our education blog and learn how to earn referral bonuses of up to $2,000!